Important Sources of Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution is drawn from many sources. Maintaining the needs and conditions of India the framers of the Indian Constitution borrowed different features willingly from the different constitutions of the world. The sources of the Indian Constitution are: The British Constitution: The British Constitution impacted a lot on framers of the Constitution of India. […]

10 Important Characteristics of Culture

The definitions cited below indicate some of the characteristics of culture. For a clear understanding of the idea of culture, we must know its important features. B. Malinowski has described culture as the ‘cumulative creation of man’. He also considers culture as the handiwork of man and the platform through which he acquires his ends. […]

Scope of Sociology | Sociology Notes 2021

Here is the full article on the scope of sociology. Introduction All science has its areas of study or fields of research. It comes to be difficult for anyone to study science systematically unless its boundaries are demarcated and scope specified actually.Unfortunately, there is no agreement on the part of sociologists about the scope of […]

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