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5 Important Functions of Marriage | Sociology

The significance of marriage includes the functions that it performs. The main functions of marriage are as follows:

Rule of Sex Life:

Marriage is the powerful mechanism of regulating the sex life of a man. Sexual intuition is powerful in man. He is exposed to its force throughout his life. It is an urgent and compelling need of man. It has to be controlled and administered properly to prevent chaos and confusion in society. Marriage has reached to be such a regulative norm. Thus marriage is frequently called the license for sex life.

Marriage controls sex relations also. It forbids sex relations between the closest relatives, that is, between father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, etc. Such a type of forbidding is called the “incest taboo”. Marriage also imposes restrictions on premarital and extramarital sexual relations.

Marriage guides to the Establishment of the Family:

Sexual satisfaction delivered by marriage impacts self-perpetuation. It means marriage insists on the couple to create a family of procreation. It is here the children are reproduced and bred up. It is the marriage that specifies the descent of
the newborn individual. Inheritance and succession follow the rule of descent.

Marriage Provides for Economic Cooperation:

Marriage enables labor feasible based on sex. Partners of marriage distribute and allocate work among themselves and perform theme in some of the primitive tribes we see a clear-cut division of work between the husband and wife, Even in the modern industrial societies, we find husband and wife working outside the family to earn more income to improve their economic status.

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Marriage authorizes the emotional and intellectual Interstimulation of the Partners:

Marriage brings husband and wife together and helps them to generate intense love and affection towards each other. It strengthens the emotions and strengthens the companionship between the two. It also enables them to cultivate intellectual cooperation between them.

Marriage strives at Social Solidarity:

Marriage not only fetches two individuals of the opposite sex together but also their respective families, groups, and kindreds. The friendship between groups is fastened through marriage. It is often recommended that by facilitating marriage between different groups, castes, races, classes, religious, linguistic, and other communities, it is likely to minimize the social distance between groups and maintain their solidarity.

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